Shared Calendar is a client/server calendar program that enables multiple users (especially in the same organization) to schedule meetings and the use of shared resources. The server runs on Linux (RedHat 7.2) and the client runs on Windows 4.x or greater. The server uses a PostreSQL database and is written in C. The client is built using MFC and is, obviously, written in C++.

Would you like to get started using SCal? Here are some basic directions to get your server running.

Feb 25, 2002
I got the project approved on SourceForge and I am now in the process of moving the files from my home computer to the SourceForge computers. If you are a developer who is interested in working on this project then send me an e-mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

March 9, 2002
I finished moving the code to SourceForge several days ago, but I forgot to update this page. I've also added some functionality to the Windows client in the last couple of weeks.

Here is a link to the project page.
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